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Note: If the following animations stop running, just reload the page. Then go get a stiff drink and think about what you're doing with your life.

"Sludge: The Adventures of an Amorphous, Black Spot"

witness the gripping narrative of our hero, Sludge, a shapeless mass of teeming excrement and toxins


this one is hard to fathom even for us

"Burn Ward"

- pretty self explanatory here

"Kirk Nerves: Philatelist"

- a gripping slice-of-life expose of a demented sociopath's violent obsession with postage stamps, and his yearning to be free

The following strips are still being drawn.
You have a problem with that?


- finally, the adventures of a superhero who derives his strength from vomit and vomit-like substances

"Sedgewick Phenton: Temp Worker"

-what if there were a temp worker who committed unspeakable atrocities for the CIA and the ghost of Bob Crane?